… because motherhood is so much more than diapers and spit-up. And a GIVEAWAY!


I wanted to let you all know that the we’ve just re-launched the brand-new MommyMatter.com, which is one of my other sites.

We’ve actually got a giveaway going on right now sponsored by this fabulously darling company called TEAlicious for a custom gift basket with all sorts of great goodies. All it takes is a comment to be entered.

Plus, I’ll be putting together a blog directory from which I’ll feature a new blogger each week, so if you’ve got a moment, please stop by and add your name and info to the database! (Hey, it’s free advertising!)

If you’re interested in becoming contributor/editor for the site as well, please drop me a line and let me know! We’ve got a “Daily Scoop” column which covers just about everything under the sun as well as “GimmeGimme” for product reviews and recommendations and “Celebebe” for celebrity baby news.

Our forums currently have over 600 members with an average of three to four hundred thousand page views per month, so it’s a great venue to show off your writing and promote your blog. (Every page contains an author bio, so your site’s address always appears with your contribution.)

So… whatcha waiting for? www.MommyMatter.com

June 27, 2008
Categories: Eat Me, Martha Stewart!

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