Because They Should Come with Their Own Carrying Case

I have these moments of insanity.

In this case, I caught the spring cleaning bug and decided to re-organize my laundry room. I find myself doing this twice a year as everyone and everything somehow manages to pile up in there; and when all of the varied crap gets shoved on the shelves, I find myself with no where to put the folded clothes. This means that I actually have to put them away in their proper place.

And who the hell wants to do that?

(Not me, of course. I’m the proud "folder" in this castle. Unfortunately, the position of "putter-upper"  belongs to Peter…

and he’s been on strike since 1998.)
Operation Laundry Room, of course, called for an extensive arsenal of
mesh bags, new shelving, and many nifty plastic totes of various size
and shape.
After getting everything set-out and up in preparation, I returned to
my living room to find this:

And quickly came to the conclusion that- if handled properly- this
could be the solution to all of my cleaning needs. Now, if only they
come in a size "eight year old".

April 5, 2007
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