(Ooh, look out you rock ‘n’ rollers)

[Insert Moment of Silence Here]

So… Do I look skinnier? ‘Cause I, like, totally feel skinnier- although a tad "unbalanced" (but I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m already quite familiar with feeling unbalanced, don’t you?). In case you haven’t noticed, through a combination of fasting and sheer willpower on my part, I’ve managed to lose an entire [drumroll, please] SIDEBAR.

Yes, I know that some of you are thinking, Why’d you go and do a thing like that, Judith? You were perfect as you were! And while I’ll never argue about the merits of my perfection (in any shape), I’ve finally figured out that those of you who saw such flawlessness and beauty did so through the eyes of Firefox, while the rest of you suckers were stuck with the "hairy-arm pitted , three days before my period, just came out  of winter hibernation but am going to squeeze into a bikini that’s six sizes too small for me to spite the world bwahahahaha" brand of perfect that only the red-headed step-child of browsers can provide.

Which doesn’t exactly give you that same tingling feeling in the pit of your stomach, now does it?

(Really, people, IE is soooooo old news.  "You might as well  tell me that Donna finally gave up the goodies to David" old news. It’s time to move on. Seriously.)

So… Yes, I’m skinnier- at least for all intents and purposes of the internet, that is.  Ooooh!  But wait!  There’s more! I also shaved my legs and painted all ten of my toenails in the form of a few nifty new features as well:

1. I’ve added a new daily *ahem* photoblog to the site called  Personal & Accidental. (Yes, it’s another Woolf reference. Thanks for noticing.) I’ll be posting a daily *ahem* little view into my world for those of you who often find yourself randomly thinking that you need a little more Judith in your life. Because you totally do. Wanna see? Click on that banner up there that says Click Here to Visit Personal & Accidental. Ummm, duh.

2.  I’ve added a fabulous little  FAQ form to my "Ask Judith" section. You know, just in case somebody wanted to know my favorite day of the week or the color of my underwear. Or not. I mean, I’ve already covered scurvy pirate protocol in my current faq, so you may be good to go.

3. The new- SOLO- sidebar now features mini-book reviews, a collection of things that you should be listening to, and my "good blogs" list (which isn’t all that new but will be updated more regularly *ahem*, I swear).   

Oh! And there are still no ads. And there won’t be until they make them 100% fat-free (or at least prettier).

So… do I look skinnier? (Yes, you may answer that now.)    

March 26, 2008
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