Damn Agendas…
(100 Word Challenge)


“Chocolates! It’s not my birthday, you know.”

“I know. I thought I’d do something special for you just because
it’s Monday.”

“Oh, honey. These orchids are stunning!”

“…just because it’s Tuesday.”

“Yes, I’d love a back rub! Thank you!”

“…just because it’s Wednesday.”

“Did you clean the kitchen and fold the laundry?”

“…just because it’s Thursday.”

“A real
restaurant? The kind that doesn’t offer booster seats? Really?”

“…just because it’s Friday.”

“Thanks for letting me sleep-in, love.”

“…just because it’s Saturday.”

“You know, this has been such a great week! Chocolates,
flowers, back rubs…”

“Honey, can I buy a boat?”

April 3, 2008
Categories: Daily

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