Excuses and Clarifications (Haiku Friday)

Haiku Friday

‘Tis the Season (The Ku)

sinus head abounds
cannot imagine an end
stale sugar cookies

miserably ill
piles of laundry everywhere
what is happiness

have not read all week
miss the lives of blogging friends
pathetic musings

I apologize
sickness makes for bad manners
ink stained journalist

‘Tis the Season (The Translation)

I’ve got a sinus headache
that just won’t go away.
The holiday season is terribly overrated.

I’m sick (of course)
and haven’t done any work around the house in days.
If happiness really is a warm gun. Please shoot me and put me out of my misery.

I’ve only logged in for updates all week long and haven’t read any of your blogs like usual.
I miss your voices…
And all I can do is post silly posts about me being sick or Grey’s Anatomy-

For which I am very sorry.
I blame the sickness and the snot and the pain for me being a bad blogger.
Perhaps I should stick with handwritten journals and spare you all my silliness. :)

I’m determined to climb out of this congested hole very soon, then you can all expect lots of me stalking your blogs for a couple of days to catch up. Have a lovely weekend!

December 14, 2007
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