Hair Product Weighs At Least a Pound, Right?
(Fat-Free Friday)


So Friday is actually almost over here in my neck of the woods cow field… which means that I’m getting this FF Friday in just in time.

According to the scale yesterday, I was down a three more pounds this week- for a total of ten pounds in two weeks.

According to the scale this morning, I gained back half of one of those pounds overnight.

I’m totally blaming that extra coat of "Not Really a Waitress Red" that I slapped on my toes last night…

Although considering how fabulous that extra coat looked in my new Anne Klein heels this morning as we clickity-clacked our way to the Mother’s Day Tea Party at Little Man’s school, I’m cool with it.

Seriously, seriously fabulous.

So fabulous, in fact, that I might pack them and that bottle of "Not Really a Waitress Red" and head on over to MommyTime’s place for a little [shoe] orgy.

But not tonight.

Because tonight, I’m kind of feeling like shite warmed over the easy bake oven way:

Burnt at the edges and awfully gooey in the center…

But *three* pounds lighter- which compensates tremendously for that "Easy Bake Oven Shite" aftertaste, now doesn’t it?

Oh! But yesterday’s post? The one with the southern gal hair and "silly white girl" sunburn? It was obviously invaded by some visiting dignitaries from Happypuppykittyrainbow Land whose national customs obviously include such rituals as seeing how big a girl’s head can grow in one post and how many times the word ‘Hawt’ can be used before it’s officially added to Webster’s…

And they are all more than welcome here any time.

Matter of fact, I’ve got a few of those air mattress things hanging out in the attic, I’d love if you’d all just move in.  Permanently. :)

May 9, 2008
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