I Just Refer to Them As

Howdy-ho, Ranger Joe! Here are my weekly winners for your viewing pleasure:

Berries Unkown (After the Rain)

In the Car

In the Car II

The Stolen Bookend II

The top couple of pictures were taken right after a little sprinkle we had last Sunday (if anyone knows what  the hell kind of berries those are, please share!), followed by two snapshots taken over my shoulder while waiting to pick up Little Man from school, a quick glance into the body bag that I call a purse, and finally a picture of my favorite bookend that has followed me from house to house for nigh on twelve years… Don’t forget to click on the "Weekly Winners" banner at the top to see what other participants are posting! Now, we’re finally off to decorate that poor little tree that’s been standing in our living room completely naked for the last week… Hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday!



December 9, 2007
Categories: Daily, Weekly Winners

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