It is a truth universally acknowledged…

that, given the proper chance, a wife will thoroughly embarrass her spouse.

In front of all his mates.

And he will never live it down.


Although, to be fair, I must say that had I known that the little blue tooth thingamajig that is permanently fused to my husband’s ear was, at that particular time, actually connected to the Playstation 3 rather than his cell phone; and that he was actually speaking with a handful or so of people, both stranger and friend alike, that were likewise attached to Playstation’s themselves rather than just the one guy that we’ve both known forever who tends to appreciate marital discord like no other, I might not have done the following:

Judith:[hands Peter a coke] Here ‘ya go.

Peter: [nods]

Judith: [waits a few patient seconds and then takes coke back] Killing zombies makes you forget your manners, eh?

Peter: [makes a dirty face and guestures for the return of the coke]

Judith: [hands Peter a coke] Here ‘ya go…

Peter: [clenches teeth] Thank you.

Judith: [in a sing-song voice] Thank you… what?

Peter: [grinds teeth audibly] Thank you for the coke.

Judith: [continuing in the sing song voice that even makes her gag] Thank you for the coke… what?

Peter:  [with resignation] Thank you for the coke, honey.

Judith: [leaving the room] You’re welcome!

Several hours later…

Judith: Oh good, you’re done. I was about to come in here and scream at you like a fishwife or something for you to get off that stupid thing…

Peter: [rolls eyes] Yeah… God forbid you sound like a fishwife.

Judith: Are you calling me a fishwife???

Peter: Now why would I call you a fishwife? I mean– it’s not like I just spent the last three hours playing a game with a bunch of guys who, at every turn, would say to me, “Thank you, honey.” If I shot a zombie, “Thank you, honey.” Covered their back, “Thank you, honey.” Helped them figured out a move, “Thank you, honey.” So why in the world would I ever call you a fishwife? It’s not like that was embarrasing or anything— Oh, for heaven’s sake, stop laughing.  It’s not funny.

Judith: [wiping tears from her eyes] You’re right. It’s not funny. I’m sorry… honey.

It is a truth universally acknowledged

that, given the proper chance, a wife will thoroughly embarrass her spouse.

In front of all his mates.

And he will never live it down.


Ain’t love grand???

December 2, 2008
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  • *stands up and applauds wildly*

    well done!!!!

  • LOL Well, I actually play most of those games with DH so I get to embarrass him as much as possible. However, I don’t think they tease him as much as admire and envy him for having a wife that is more than willing to play games with him. Hell, one even commented that I had a sexy southern accent and told DH he was jealous.


    Makes him appreciate me so much more.

  • WooT! Woot!

  • 20 years, and my wife has yet to embarrass me in front of my friends. I guess it’ll be a doozy when she gets around to it. I have an edge: my endearing pet name for her is “wife.”

  • Man…he gets embarrassed easily. lol

  • Nice!

  • bah, he’s just being a big ole baby…..LOL

  • LMAO

    Sometimes it’s just best to do that. . . honey!

  • BWAHAHA. Go girl. That was well earned.

  • amy

    Anytime, anyplace. It’s a good wife’s job to keep her man in line, no matter who is witness to it.

  • I’m so glad I don’t have that little problem from lack to Kegels.

    Is it wrong that I read this post with the voice of the narrator from Desperate Housewives in my head? Why do you make me hear voices, so much?

  • Glad to have found you through Wordless Wednesday.

  • This is freaking hysterical! Genius. I tell you, pure genius! I wish I could do the same for my husband one of these days. (I know, I’m not nice.)

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