On Sleeping Arrangements & Copy Cats

That Middle One...

That Middle One...

Last month, I came across this post by one of my favorite bloggers which re-affirmed my belief that even when you think you’ve got this whole parenting gig in the bag, there’s always a few tricks up some brilliant lady’s sleeve that could simply make your day…

You see, Amy- the lovely and wonderful Amy– has a daughter who has a bear. A bear which, I assume, is as loved and cherished and carried everywhere as my daughter’s “Baby” (that scruff of fabric tucked so lovingly to her face below).

Sleeping Beauties... Sort of.
Sleeping Beauties… Sort of. The Baby, Baby, and Peter taking a nap yesterday after his softball tournament- how she slept through the smell, I’ll never know…

Amy- the lovely and brilliant Amy- has a daughter who also has a Spare Bear. A Spare Bear! A bear to magically appear and assume all of the everyday duties of the original bear should the original bear be unable.

A. Spare. Bear.

How bloody brilliant is that?

As I read her post about Bear and Spare Bear, I paused for a moment to replay all of the horrific, nightmare-inducing memories born of a forgotten baby, a lost baby, an “oh my god this thing is putrid and needs to go into the washer” baby…

And I shuddered. Twice

Then I took myself on over to eBay and got us our very own *prepare yourself for my cleverness* Copy Cat.

A Copy Cat which ended up costing me FIVE times more than the original baby, I may add.

Thrilled with my Amy-inspired cleverness, I gleefully snuck into her pretty little pink room to make the switch… A couple of tugs, a snuggle, and a sigh of contentment, and we were good to go. Wrapping the now retired baby in a blanket, I crept out of the room…

And then it happened:

My sweet little girl woke-up– And let out the shrillest, loudest, most infuriated cry that I have ever heard in my entire life. Think “Demon Out of Hell”… Now take away its baby.



Hanging my head in defeat, I unwrapped the now back in action baby and walked back…

And now, well, now we have this:

Spare Bear Gone Awry...Where she goes, it goes.

Spare Bear Gone Awry...Where she goes, it goes.

Say hello to “Cute”.

He now comes along everywhere as well.

And me?

I’m moving to Amy’s.

These are the books I read this past week. I'll add them to the blog soon.

These are the books I read this past week. Yes, I read. A lot. I mean, A LOT. I'll add them to the blog soon.

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August 3, 2008
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