Out at Dad’s (Weekly Winners)

So… The family emergency didn’t quite last as long as I expected. Which is cool. So I’m back at home diligently washing the smell of smoke (the stepmonster is ruining my father’s house with her stinky Marlboros) out of all of our clothes and relishing the thought of sleeping in a bed WITHOUT a child’s foot up my various body parts.

I did get a few fun shots while there, however, that are perfect for the WWs. So yippee for me.

(P.S. A great big thanks to all of you who offered support and kind words! You guys never fail to remind me how important friendship- even the friendship created amongst laptops and naptimes- is… )

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The Dogs II

These are Dad’s dogs. They like to try to eat my children… And the children just laugh.

Tack Room II

This is the tack room that Dad built out of miscellaneous wood and bits of scrap. Right now, he’s working on this huge gameroom that he’s managed to turn into an actual bar complete with a karaoke stage… He thinks that I don’t know that his creativity stems from not wanting to spend any time with that harridan that he married. My sister and I have already decided to pick out his next wife for him.

The Lantern

Black & White Sky

Old Radio

His old radio that he loves and she keeps sticking ceramic angels on… Bwahahahaha.

The Hay

I’ve got a few more over at my Flickr account if any one is interested! Just click on any of the pics above. :)

Now, I’ve got loads and loads to catch-up on! Have a Happy Sunday!

December 30, 2007
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