Seriously, He Can’t Divorce Me Over a Blog Post…

Can he?

Anyhow… Behold me Weekly Winners.

If it ever gets under 98 degrees outside, I might start taking pictures of things other than my children and fast food to-go cups. Although I make NO promises.

Playing Pretty Girl

If you ask her to make "pretty eyes", she looks like she's having a seizure.

Silly Boys...

One looks patently bored and the other won't even look at me... For some reason, it appears that they've lost all respect for my camera. Ungrateful wretches.


Plotting my death, no doubt...

Count the Bruises

I love the cute skirt/bruised legs combo...

Product Placement by...

This week's product placement sponsored by McDonald's. And my husband's high school baseball team... God, that shirt is OLD.

The Hubby

He's going to kill me. Seriously. But I really loved this picture... And it's my blog. And my camera. And if he didn't want someone to take a naked picture of him, perhaps he should have kept his clothes on. Right?

OH! And if you happen to have a moment or two, would you mind clicking on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and voting for your favorite photo— which would be mine, right? My picture of the baby eating bubbles was chosen as one of twenty finalists out of over 400 entries… I’m losing horribly, of course. But your vote could make me lose a little less. (It’s #16 BTW.)

Which is always good. :)

For more Weekly Winners, be sure to head on over to see Lotus! She’s got a boy in his underwear too. Have a happy Sunday, folks!

August 17, 2008
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