So I’m a Naughty Blogger…

And not the kind of naughty that gives you that happy little feeling in the pit of your stomach either. (My sincerest apologies to those of you who were mislead by the title and stopped by expecting something a little more… exciting).

I’m actually a bad blogger and have neglected you all far too long. Once again, I shall promise to at least try to blog more often and do other things less… Now, let’s play a quick game of catch-up, shall we?

I’m officially in the new house. Matter of fact, I have been for a couple of months. The porch is lovely, the door is red; and even though my books are forced into hiding in the back of my closet (thanks to lack of space- not inappropriate content, I assure you), we are all quite happy to be here.

Little Man started the third grade… His hair has grown quite shaggy and seems to attract a new "girlfriend" every week. He passed on soccer (Thank Goddess) this year and joined the Cub Scouts. Still not sure what I think of that just yet, but at least it gets me away from those parents for a  bit.

That Middle One has officially moved on to a big boy cup and now lifts the lid on the toilet on a regular basis… In other words, the Shakespeare house is now decidedly less wet. Yee-Haw.

The Baby has grown enough hair to put in pigtails and has been counting to ten for the last few months… She also throws a pretty mean right-hook and knows just the place to pinch you on the inside of the arm that’ll bring tears to your eyes.

I had a birthday.

I got another tattoo.

I read a good hundred or so books (Notice I didn’t say a hundred good books. There were a couple in the stacks that sparked a bra-burning or two).

I killed a plant.

I killed another plant.

I saw Becoming Jane and then bitched about it non-stop for the whole drive home…

And, of course, I neglected my blog.

I’ll do better from now on… I think.

Hope you all have been well!

Oh! And be sure to check out my latest on Mothers Fighting for Others.

October 8, 2007
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