Sorry, Bridget, but I make these look good.

"Are you seriously going to buy those?"

"What? Of course, I am. Why?"


"Yes. Seriously."

"Does Peter actually like those?"

"Peter? What’s Peter got to do with my panties?"

As my then newlywedded friend walked away on the tail-end of a rolled eye, I glanced down at the "offensive" pair of underwear in my hand and briefly considered hanging them back on the rack. (Pun unintentional, of course.)

What was so wrong with my chosen panties? Why all the huff and puff and clamor? Sure, in certain circles they’d no doubt carry the dreaded stigma of adjectives like "frumpy" or "ugly" and grannies the world over had six pairs just like them  in every color tucked neatly into drawers next to linen sachets and lace-trimmed slips, but they were comfortable.

Who cared what Peter thought about my panties as long as they were comfortable? I know I didn’t.

I tried to think back to a time when I did care… A time when the pretty "hardly there" thong or sexy "concoction of lace" bikini lay quietly in wait of discovery beneath a cute pair of cigarette pants or that perfect little black dress. A time when that thong or that bikini was accompanied by a matching under-wire with a slight push-up.

Thing is: I couldn’t recall such a time. Well… not quite.

That thong and matching bra were indeed laying quietly beneath that little dress and sometimes still are, but they weren’t laying in wait so much for some sort of monumental "discovery" by Peter (or any other man for that matter) as they were for my own enjoyment- for my own "benefit". Despite their tendency to venture into a realm best described as uncomfortable, they made me feel better about myself… about my body.  I liked knowing that, beneath that fabulous little black dress, was but another smaller layer of clothing and then yet another fabulous layer of… Me.

Not "Me": girl who had a boyfriend/husband who enjoyed looking at her body and pretended not to notice the many flaws found there.

"Me" : woman who enjoyed looking at her own body and celebrated the many wonderful differences found there. "Me" had nothing to do with Peter but everything to do with comfort.

And, by god, those "granny panties" fit  Me perfectly.

"Hey, Courtney, do you think Chris’ll like these?"

"Nope… but, hopefully, you will."

February 19, 2007
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