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There are two kinds of decisions to be made in this word: those that will change our entire lives and those that but change a moment.

The "Life-Altering" and the "Moment-Altering".

We make these kinds of decisions every day, every second. Like each of us, some decisions are easily categorized- filed away last name first and first name last. While others, others are a tad more complicated and must be tucked away in that tattered folder marked "To Be Decided at a Later Date".

Decision to Get Married: Life-Altering
Decision to Eat that Cookie for a Snack: Moment-Altering
Decision to Have Children: Life-Altering
Decision to Eat that Cookie for a Snack Everyday: Life-Altering
Decision to Wear My Black Shoes to Town: Moment-Altering
Decision to Buy a House: Life-Altering
Decision to Wait to Stop and Buy Toilet Paper Until Tomorrow: Moment-Altering
Decision to Wait to Stop and Buy Baby Wipes Until Tomorrow: Life-Altering
Decision to Continue Spending Money on Frilly Bows and Tights and Shiny Shoes and Pleated Skirts and All Things Girlie for My One and One-Year-Old Only Baby Girl WHO JUST SPIT IN HER HAND BEFORE SHAKING MINE: To Be Decided at a Later Date.

December 15, 2007
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