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5 Things that Utterly Scrambled My Goat this Morning. . .

1. Bug Dude

There’s a huge green grasshopper stalking me.

And I’m a little flattered that someone cares enough to do so.

2. Unfriendly Chick

I mean, seriously, I get that it’s retail– coffee-flavored retail, grant you- but retail nevertheless… And working retail sucks all sorts of hairy monkey …

Can We Stop Now? My Ears Are Starting to Hurt…

I was terribly grumpy today.

Not that I’m usually a big ball of sunshine and ooohlookatthatprettykittyridingtheunicornonthatbigrainbow type of person or anything, but today’s lack of joy was a *tad* more noticeable to all.  Including that old lady in traffic that I flipped the bird to… totally on accident, of course.…

Notes On Self, Vol. I

(Not to be confused with Notes to Self, Vol.1, of course.)

This was some of that spreadable VD from the social networkosphere that I picked up on Facebook today… But I’m feeling decidedly unoriginal. So I’m totally cheating and re-using it as a blog post.

Think of it like …

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