They Get It from Their Mama (Weekly Winners)

A quick drop-off of my favorite shots this past week… PLUS the announcement that I am ALMOST caught up on all of the work that got behind while I was wallowing in my two-week long little rut; so I will be able to focus on blogging (and all of you) much more starting around Wednesday (as long as these last few projects pan out- so help a girl out and cross whatever body parts you have to spare, okay?).

Oh! And don’t forget to head on over to my favorite naked girl in the shower‘s place for more Weekly Winners that are sure to tickle your pickle (or float your boat or wind your twine or what the hell ever)!

Neener Neener


The Baby

Punky Brewster Baby

And who can resist collages? :) (Don’t mind the noise… I uploaded the low-quality versions.)

Woodland Knight

Radio Flyer Collage

March 2, 2008
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