Three and a Half Burps: A Special Report by Infamous Food Critic Baby O’ Baby

I arrived at Chez Mama just in time for the dinner rush. I could tell
from the prime seating, the highest chair on the floor, that the
hostess recognized me despite my usually successful record of attempts
at anonymity. A food critic can always tell when they’ve been marked-
good seating, service beyond the norm… One restaurant, much like this
one, even went so far as to cut my food for me as if I couldn’t be
bothered to feed myself.

And I couldn’t, so that was okay.


The ambiance had a "home"y feel to it. The decor was rather lovely and,
if the various toys strewn across the floor were any indication, very
kid-friendly. It was a packed house to be sure, not an empty chair in
sight. While perusing the menu, I could overhear the shouts for
"Tonights Special!" from the busy table next to me. So I followed suit.


When my meal arrived a few moments later, I must admit, I was shocked.
French Toast for dinner? A bold move for a restaurant such as this,
indeed. Just next door, the Famous Smith Bistro was serving its
scrumptious meatloaf and mashed potatoes; and I had it on good
authority that the Jones Cafe around the block would be serving their highly-applauded Tuna Casserole. Both solid staples on the popular dinner menu.
I just couldn’t imagine what the chef here was thinking. Breakfast for
dinner? Would it be a brave triumph or a gigantic flop? We would see.


The presentation was superb albeit a bit messy. The toast was fluffy
with a great color and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar and
then drowned in syrup. And despite the tacky plastic character serving set, over
all it looked very very promisiing.


Immediately, I tasted… bread. Followed by a delightful mixture of real vanilla and cinnamon.  Neither too dry nor too moist, the French Toast was perfect.


In conclusion,  I would highly recommend  that every person with the last name Shakespeare pay a visit to Chez Mama  for one of their inventive "breakfast for dinner  "  items  (the chef assured me that  they make monthly "I really need to go to the grocery store" appearances); and I gladly award Chez Mama an illustrious and noisy  Three and a Half Burps for culinary delight.*

Be sure to join me next time as I go deep into the country for Deer Sausage Jambalaya at Grandpa’s Dirt Road Diner. Until then, this burp’s for you!

*Unfortunately, I was forced to deduct half a star after having a rather nasty and unnecessary argument with a pretty little waitress over whether or not I was allowed to use a real fork.

January 12, 2008
Categories: Eat Me, Martha Stewart!

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