Why Exactly is a Raven Like a Writing Desk? (A ‘Get Your Geek On’ Kickass Giveaway)

You know, one bad thing about being at at-home parent is that my poor little *ahem* large collection of fabulously delicious heels tend to gather an obscene amount of dust whilst I run around these here parts deliciously barefooted (but not pregnant. Never. Ever. Pregnant. Again. *Spit*)

And though I miss those shoes like Nicole Richie must miss food now that she’s dropped 1 of 8, I do find a bit’a comfort and inherent freedom crawling into a pair of my favorite jeans topped with a kickass geeky tee like this one.

(Throw in a scarf, hippie sweater, equally kickass flats, and some red lipstick, and I’m totally prepared to stand down the peppy parent club in front of the afternoon pick-up line at the elementary school. (Seriously, honey, in all of the beautiful skin tones of creation, that tanning bed orange that you’re sporting is by far the most unflattering.))

So I thought that I’d share a bit of my daily comfort with one of you… After all, you’re pretty damn kickass yourself, don’t ‘ya know: One lucky Shakespeare reader will be getting the new POE Tee ($26.00) from my new  literature-inspired "clothing and random stuff" store Get Lit Fashions (coming soon) in  the size of their choice- the tee is available in both men’s and women’s and women’s plus.

So I guess the question of the minute is:

Are you feeling lucky? :)

To get your name into the drawing to win, all you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment below with an answer to the question found in the title of this post. It doesn’t have to be right or even make sense- just humor me, okay?

2. Post a brief post/line/blurb about this giveaway on your blog so that your equally kickass readers can participate as well and then come back here and leave a link to said post in a comment (or a trackback if you be so bloggily-inclined).

3. Do both 1 & 2 (in seperate comments, please) and get two- yes, TWO- entries and all of my love and devotion to boot.

And that’s it! I’ll announce the winner on or about March 7th!

Good luck!

February 12, 2008
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