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It was just before Christmas, I think, that I found a”mommy board” by following a link located somewhere within that second circle of  hell that we all know as MySpace.

Four years after the big move, and I’ve yet to make any new "mommy" friends on this side of the dirt road. Peter, of course, blames it on my complete lack of respect for the world that is pee-wee sports, aggressive parenting, and family night at the tractor-pull. I blame his mother.

I always blame her when he makes a valid point. Seems fitting, somehow.

I joined the newly introduced CafeMom in the hopes of actually befriending/bonding/speaking with other mothers (or like-mothers) on a regular basis. A little support, a little inspiration, a lot of laughter later, and I am officially addicted. I "meet" women from every path, every stage of life and fall in love daily with the idea of seeing through a mother’s eye that is not my own; and I leap at every opportunity to learn what lessons might be taught, what wisdom might be passed along, amongst the ever-growing group of modern-day women.

And, today, I thought I’d share the most important of these things with you:

Women are insane.

Not all women, of course. But thanks to CafeMom and all of those special ladies there who claim that "women are simply meant to serve", I have begun looking at those aforementioned tractor-pulls in an entirely new light.

Hell, at least they let the girls drive too.

January 31, 2007
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