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Thanks to my recent interest in the "blogging" community,  I have had the distinct privilege of meeting several intriguing and wonderful women from all across this wide world. Each and every day, I am again inspired by the actions and efforts made by so many such as them… such as yourself.

I thought to spend a moment here and there highlighting some of these amazing women, their lives, and their many contributions to this place that we all call home.

Today, I’d like to introduce Kelly Sons: The Rural Writer.

Kelly and I recently became acquainted via a shared interest in "pest" removal (an inside joke, of course), and I was thrilled to be able to add such a talented and socially conscious individual to my ever-growing list of "blogging" friends. Her blog, The Rural Writer, follows her efforts in effecting change within our justice and penal system as it applies to female offenders and inmates.

Today’s entry focused on the upcoming International Women’s Day (March 8th) and her desire "to do something drastic, something dramatic to make the world aware of how our women are being treated in prison." She touches on several specific well-known and not so well-known cases such as Darlie Routier’s Silly String tribute to her son and the soon to be executed Cathy Henderson.

And, although I completely disagree with her claim of not being a feminist, I find myself thoroughly impressed with her dedication to her chosen cause and her powerful parting words for the day:

"I get mad, I get sad and I get emotional over these women and I wont stop until you do too."

So, be sure to take a little trip over to The Rural Writer, and show Kelly a bit of support. Tell her Courtney sends her thanks.

February 22, 2007
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