…And All I Got Was That Stupid Hickey

I Gave My Favorite Glasses to a Rockstar...

I once gave one of my favorite pair of sunglasses to one of my favorite rockstars.

He wore them on stage for all of three bars and then dropped them promptly to the floor.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

It’s midnight here in Deliverance. I’m leaving at four to make my way down to New Orleans- me, three Spawn of Shakespeare, and my new GPS Gertrude (RIP Betty). I’ve pin-marked all of the Starbucks on the way and have loaded my iPod with all of the best traveling songs…

All the makings of a great roadtrip.

If I could get to sleep, that is.

P.S. My cell number is on my Facebook, feel free to call and revel in my “must talk in order to not fall asleep” conversation. We’ll talk about rockstars and cherry chapstick and the price of tea in China.

Or monkeys.


July 30, 2009
Categories: Daily, Only Judith

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