And Here You Thought That a House Must Have Fallen on My Head…

Don’t call the cops…

It’s just me.

And, yes, I know that lurking about and peeping in your windows isn’t the most friendly thing to do. I also know that it’s something that some might even consider a tad "not" legal. But like any good criminal worth his salt, I’ve got plenty of great excuses ranging from personal issues to birthday wishes to a busy design site to a really good book that I just couldn’t put down.

And while all of these handful of excuses is all that is valid and forgivable, I think that I’ll rest my entire defense of the one argument that works for everything and call it a day:

It’s all the husband’s fault.

I’ve finally realized that, during hectic life times like now, I’m going to actually have to schedule in some blogging time- to write and to comment (I’ve been reading, I swear). So now that I’ve got the writing bit covered this morning, I’m headed over to your place for a little visit.

I expect coffee.

And maybe some croissants too.

January 16, 2008
Categories: Daily

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