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Hmmmm… Didn’t take too many pictures this week that I haven’t already posted … Although I did take quite a few the evening before last while we were hanging outside slapping meat on the grill (and, NO, that’s not a metaphor for tanning), but I didn’t pay enough attention to the settings on my camera and ended up with weird-colored pictures. And not that good kind of unique weird like this one, we’re talking "you’re daddy must’ve been a Smurf" kind of weird.

Like "We’re not in Kansas anymore and Toto just defiled the Yellow Brick Road" weird.

Or "Dude, Photoshop HATES you like a fat girl hates magic chocolate astronaut cake" weird.

I’m sure it was Peter’s fault.

You’ll have to give me a few minutes to work out how, though…

However, I did update my Ask Judith section with a handful of the questions that  you all (read: y’all) have taken the time to ask over the last month. I only threw a few in there, so if your question isn’t up there yet; fear not.

I’ll get to it.

In a minute.

Not in a minute, Mama! Now!
I said, "In a minute." Now leave me alone, I’m blogging.

I’ve also added a little "Where I Am" player in the sidebar (Read: that column over there with all of that stuff that interests me probably a whole lot more than it interests you, but you continue humor me because you’re cool like ‘dat…) that will have a little daily something in it for your listening pleasure.

Today, it’s Cat Stevens…

Tomorrow, it may be a mini-podcast of me discussing the pros and cons of being married to a man who actually says, "What’d she mean by that ?"

Or maybe just a little Ben Harper.

Because we could all use a little more Ben Harper in our lives right now.

Be sure to take a few moments to stop by and visit other fabulous winners by clicking —->HERE<—-. I’ll be stopping by later this evening to pay my visits. :)

May 18, 2008
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