Becky, Look at Her Butt. It is Soooo Big.

According to Reuters, Donatella Versace feels that Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency could benefit from a drastic dose of femininity.

“I can understand (trousers) are comfortable but she’s a woman and she is allowed to show that,” Versace told Germany’s weekly newspaper Die Zeit in an interview.

“She should treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics,” Versace said.

Skirts should reach to the knee and be worn with a short jacket or coat, she said. The best color would be black rather than the blue Clinton currently favors, she added.

“I admire her for her determination, which will hopefully take her to the White House,” Versace told the paper.

Wow. Really? Thanks so much, Donatella! Pay attention, Sen. Clinton, because that knee-length black skirt is just the edge that you need to get ahead in the polls. Ooooh… and I hear Tans-R-Us is running a great special on their super beds this month too! Best get a move on, girlie. If we plan on seeing a woman in the White House soon, we had best get you pretty, polished and perky lickety-split!

Why is it that every time a woman has the audacity – the nerveto gain even the smallest amount of success in the male dominated field of politics or any field other than that of the domestic persuasion, she is attempting to be a man (a theory obviously proven by her fondness for trousers)? Why is it that when she actually succeeds in that chosen field, someone feels the the need to point out that she could do so much better if she stopped “pretending” to be a man and put on a skirt and heels like a proper miss? From Nancy Pelosi’s Armani suits,which were the focus of of many well-known publications like Newsweek and The Washington Post, to Clinton’s oft criticized “First Lady” wardrobe and ever-changing hairstyle, the media never passes up an opportunity to slip into that high school mentality of pretty equals popular as a means- intended or not- of undermining a woman’s power and position in her chosen livelihood. A livelihood, I must point out, that has absolutely nothing to do with her looks.

Ah… but if they didn’t take the time to highlight such things as ugly shoes at the podium or an unflattering hair color, women all over the world might finally realize that a woman’s value lies not in her socially applauded beauty or the size of her bra cup but in who she is, what she does, and how she chooses to make her mark in this life.

And we couldn’t have that now, could we?

February 25, 2007
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