CAUTION: Detour Ahead

You know that act at the circus in which some amazingly talented person juggles glasses while plates perched precariously atop sticks strategically placed on random body parts spin in opposite directions?

Picture her in
Birkenstocks and a cute haircut, and you’re looking at me…

Well, almost me.

My plates, on the other hand, are made of plastic to save me the time and effort of cleaning up shards of glass from my living room floor and the no doubt mess caused by my bleeding foot . The sticks holding the plates up? They’re more like little monkeys who insist on chanting "Mama, may I…" at varying degrees of loudness over and over again in my ear. And the glasses so expertly juggled before me aren’t really glasses at all but little league schedules (now featuring all-star tourneys and practices), and sippy cups, and my Crackberry (complete with task reminders that sound suspiciously like Frou Frou’s Let Go), and my to do lists, and baskets of laundry, and that package of Hershey’s Reeses Cookies that I long to have all to myself without the aforementioned monkeys noticing….

So can you picture it now?

Good, then you’ll completely understand the following cop-out:  

Do you remember our little discussion about the things in this world that are scarier than Tom Cruise?  These ladies not only agree but have some really shocking examples and some pointers on what you can do to help:

Visit one or visit them all… Just be sure to show your support and help out!

And one final detour to make this cop-out truly complete and inspiring:

Have you visited Mommy Matter lately? We’ve got lots of exciting new changes that you’re sure to love!

June 5, 2007
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