Give him an inch, and he’ll bring home a litter.

There are many things that I try to avoid in life:

Public restrooms, crowded parking lots, dark chinese restaurants, busy shopping malls, packed theaters, and, most importantly, pet shops.

I have this rather annoying habit of falling desperately in love at the first whiff of puppy breath. But it doesn’t stop there… I’ll feel sorry for its little kennel companion and bring it home too. Next thing I know, I’m walking out the door with two expensive bundles of fur and another hand-painted ceramic dog-bowl. It’s not until the car ride home that I realize that I hate dogs and all of the nice little rug stains and chewed molding that accompany them. I then must take on the enjoyable task of finding the little whelps loving homes.

It’s good to know your weaknesses.

The last dog, Beowulf "Beo", was the product of an ill-advised family trip to the local Humane Society. He was the biggest German Shepherd that I had ever seen and had all of the couth and bumble of Homer Simpson. How could I possibly refuse? Plus, he was an outside dog. How much trouble could he be?

It’s good to be aware of one’s naivete.

I won’t even begin to describe the craters that this dog dug in the back yard… Peter found a wonderful family with pre-teen boys that were thrilled to have him. This left us with only Mrs. Darcy; and cats are, of course, a superior race.

Which brings us to my mini-vacation in Louisiana. Holly (friend of forever) is, of course, perfectly aware of my little weakness and took full advantage of the new litter of puppy breath in her backyard. I made the eight hour trip home with another little fur-ball tucked lovingly beside my hip. I, of course, was in love with it and bought it a cute little ceramic bowl that said "Killer".

It’s good to have friends that will always be able to manipulate you.

Yesterday, I get a call from Peter who is at some client’s house who just so happens to have black lab puppies. Can you see where this is going? If I get him now, I can have him trained come dove season… Guinness needed a pal, right? I sighed a couple of times then, of course, gave in grudgingly. One more dog couldn’t possibly hurt.

So, why is it that he walked in with not one but two new puppies last night?

It’s good that the dog house is big enough to squeeze a person in there too.

(Cute, loving puppy looking for new home.  Free hand-painted ceramic bowl included. )

January 20, 2007
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