… going back, back, back to school again.

First Day

First Day of the Fourth Grade...

Little Man went back to school on Monday.

Can I get a Woot!Woot!, please?

… And we have open house for That Middle One on Thursday. He starts Pre-K next Monday– which may actually be a little rough on everyone involved (meaning ME) since he’s been here with me ever since the day that I brought his ten pound squalling self into this world.

B2S Shirt

Dude, it's a polo with a dragon and guitar... Everybody wins here. Everybody wins.

I’m worried that there’ll be an adjustment period.

He’s worried that he won’t get new colors.

Go figure.

… And then it’ll be just me and The Baby.

Who is easily bribed into good behaviour with a little coffee and chocolate.

Visions of shoe stores, daily jaunts to the bookstore, and General Hospital during naptime are dancing in my head, folks.

No, not like Macarena dancing.

Like on a pole in pasties and a pink g-string dancing.

And I am so saving my dollar bills, yo.

B2S Kicks

He asked who Larry Bird was... "because he makes cool shoes."

August 19, 2008
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