From February 2007:

“I bought a chair once, but I didn’t like it.”

Peter has finally discovered eBay.

I don’t mean "discovered" as in accidentally ran his shiny new boat
into land, killed the natives with foreign disease, and claimed it for
himself. I mean discovered as in finally opened his eyes to the fact
that there’s a whole world of junk out there just waiting to be wrapped
up and shipped out with his pretty little name scrawled across the
label on the top of the box. All at two dollars less than retail.

Last night, he bought a Nintendo. I don’t mean a "Nintendo" as in
cool new gaming system that shoppers drew blood over during the last
holiday season. I mean "Nintendo" as in cool new gaming system that
shoppers drew blood over during the holiday season of 1985. Yes, 1985.

After a smug declaration of triumph, two grunts and a scratch; he
then proceeded to "win" himself some sort of NCAA championship ring, a
commemorative coin celebrating some sort of important victory won on
some mock battlefield somewhere, an extended battery for his Blackjack, a something or another that he’s wanted forever, and a book on how to do something that he has absolutely no interest in learning how to do.

Thankfully, I intervened just in time to prevent him from "buying" a
car (I’m still not certain that he realizes that you actually have to
pay real money for these things if you win the auction). Of course,
this totally makes up for the $200 I spent at the bookstore last week
(Yes, I said $200. I’m a dork. Deal with it.)…

And I’ve decided that it’s much more fun to be the one wearing the scowl than the one hiding the receipt.


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January 19, 2008
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