I feel a theme coming on…(Not as fun as a ‘whoop’, but it’ll do.)

Hey there! No time long blog, eh?

But to be fair… I totally warned you in a “Caution: Coffee is Hot.” sorta way.

And coffee is totally hot, don’t ‘ya know? But before we get into a whole post about the necessity for stupid human warnings and the impact that they have on society, I thought that we should go over a few things…

Namely, my new shoes.

(If you’re reading me through a reader right now, you cannot see my new shoes and are therefore the outcast in this conversation. That makes you the stinky kid. And nobody wants to be the stinky kid, right?)

My new shoes make the whole place look different, don’t they? Magic shoes are awesome, let me tell you. (Although they would be much more awesomer if they could shrink asses as well…)

And while I loved my old template (and the one before that, and the one before that), I decided yesterday that I needed something new to hopefully encourage me to post more often.

And by the looks of it, it’s totally working.

Although I make no guarantees.

A few things to note:

  • I’ve added AJAX commenting, so you can see the comments and add your own without leaving the homepage. (Lazy folk unite, yo.) Update: Totally ruined the loading time… and I’m too lazy to wait. So ixnay on the AJAX, okay?
  • Sidebars have officially become “not-on-the-sidebars” (which are hipper, by the way, and I’m not just saying that because I have them. Really.).
  • I need more questions for my faq page, so ask me something inane. (Yes, I realize that a lot of you emailed me questions ages ago that I never answered, but I lost them. Lazy folk unite, yo.)
  • I’ve added a Social Whore section which has all of the updates from my twitter, last.fm, ALL of my blogs, goodreads, and et cetera on one page, thereby making stalking Judith an incredibly passive sport and easier on the joints. (Lazy folk unite, yo.)
  • Ads, which I will be handling on my own since that woman with the leather corset and whip who complained that I wasn’t posting often enough threatened dire consequences (Under normal circumstances, threats from a lady with a whip would be the cherry-topped highlight of my day… But the fact that she was a chick from BlogHer and was totally serious about the not posting bit (Lazy folk unite, yo.) kind of ruined it for me. Damn bureaucrats.), are now included.
  • And taking into account the super-duper-wide posting area, I’m pretty sure that I can get away with skipping on the words every once again and just posting a really big picture. (Lazy folk unite, yo.)

Comments, criticisms, suggestions, and faq submissions totally welcome…

Just as long as you don’t tell me to update my “about me”.

Because I’m getting to that.

Eventually. (Lazy folk…)

May 11, 2009
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