I’m Baaaaaack….

As many of you know, my grandmother passed away last week; and we had to make a trip to Louisiana for the memorial…

We’re back home now- greeted most happily by an inbox bursting at its virtual seams as well as a neglected project calendar and a dusty house.

I took care of the dust straight away (because I’m anal like that) and have begun making dents in that inbox and project calendar and will be back to post some better content as soon as I have a moment to breathe.

Have I mentioned that I’ve got an uber-cool giveaway in store for you? No? Well, guess what…

I’ve got an uber-cool giveaway in store for you as well as a few ‘movie vs. book’ reviews full of miscellaneous  pop culture references and  Shakespearean  flavor.

So don’t go far, you hear?

February 6, 2008
Categories: Daily

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