It’s my Peter, and I’ll play with it if I want to…

It’s been a while since we stopped and chatted a bit about that pretty piece of meat that I married, hasn’t it?

Well, as luck would have it, he’s been quite interesting the last couple of days and has been declared officially
"blog-worthy" enough to merit his very own post… And what better way to kick off my shiny new blog design than to gossip about the significant other, eh?

Let’s see… where to start?

Oh, yes! My Peter is now officially circumcised bald.
Not by choice, mind you, as my Peter is also a self-proclaimed "pretty
boy"who generally uses more product in his hair than all of the members
of Poison combined… but bald he is.

It seems that in our quest to save a buck or two, the decision to
practice the art of "self"-cosmetology was made rather hastily; and
despite the nifty salon-like atmosphere provided by the joyful buzzing
of our new set of clippers and a swiveling barstool, it was also rather

It also seems that there is a big difference between a "1" guard and a "3" guard. Who’d have thunk it?

Holding the offending clipper in my hand and looking at the large path
of bald in the middle of my husband’s head
(picture an inverted sort of mohawk), I did what any sane woman would
do. I blamed him. I got to give it to him, though, he took it all very
well- or at least he put up a really good front and saved his tears for
when I wasn’t sitting there staring at him with a look of shock on my

And while I’m not all that fond of the Mr. Clean look on my husband’s
pretty head, it’s amazing the money we’re saving on hair gel.

Oh! And what do you think about the new makeover? I think it makes me look thinner… :)

June 21, 2007
Categories: Only Judith

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