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In-laws are funny creatures.

When I married Peter in 1998, I felt like I had literally stepped through the looking glass. His family was so different than mine. Big things… Little things… nothing was the same. Of course, I expected cultural differences (his mother is Hispanic), but they were few and actually quite interesting. It was the bread in the fridge, the carefully written post-its telling one and all to how to shut the door PROPERLY, the entire room full of nothing but new & unused purchases, the fake food (yes, I said FAKE food… Carmen has a very eclectic style of decorating)— all of these things and more caused a bit of shock within my sense of normal.

Peter’s dad , Kenneth, was and still is your standard southern fare: kill a duck, kill a deer, talk about it for ages. Kenneth was a known. Carmen, on the other hand, was an entire new world. A bundle of quick temper, godly advice, blue eye shadow, and self-righteousness–all wrapped in a four foot tall frame and tied with a designer suit; Carmen was a force to be reckoned with. I have a rather enjoyable story of her attempting to beat Peter with her high heels (the kind with the three or four inch heel sharper than most kitchen knives that older ladies enjoy wearing absolutely everywhere) that I’ll be glad to share another time… again, let me remind you, she is all of four feet on a good day and my husband stands at six three… funny stuff.

Needless to say, neither of us pleased the other for many a year. Everything worked out great, though. We are now great friends complete with the understanding, respect, and love that rises out of the ashes of a nuclear fallout. Truly, I love her very much.

However, it wasn’t until last weekend that I discovered that I might just love her more than my husband… We were all sitting in the livingroom talking about this and that, when she came into view holding two beautiful purses. You see, Carmen and Sarah (my 16 year old sister-in-law) had taken a lovely little shopping trip to New York the week before… well, we won’t get into the whole wish I could just take off to New York and go shopping bit… jealousy is not an attractive quality I am told. Anyhow… she came into view holding two handbags. Naturally, I assumed one was for me as she always gets me something; and I was excited as all hell. I do love a cute bag. But to my surprise, she held out both bags.

I didn’t know who this Prada person was… but I thought it looked like you, she said.

I wanted to cry.

Yep, in-laws are funny creatures. I am so moving in with them if I ever leave Peter.

August 10, 2006
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