My New Shoe Can Kick Your New Shoe’s Ass…
(Not Quite the Pink One You Were Expecting)

My New Shoes Can Kick Your New Shoes' Ass...

So… I totally can’t post pictures of the pink one that does the thingie while doing the thingie as it’s still sitting out in Peter’s truck neatly tucked into its very own discreet little bag. And, yes, it’s still broken.

However, I thought I’d show off my nifty new shoes.

Believe it or not, they are the first shoes with actual laces that I’ve bought in over a decade. (There’s that pair of dominatrix heels that lace up the calf, of course. But If I can’t wear them to parent/teacher conferences, they don’t count.)

But who could resist?

Oh! And this picture actually has a second subtitle that reads, "OR Maybe they won’t notice the swollen ankles if I dazzle them with my rudimentary Photoshop skills."

So don’t, okay?

April 13, 2008
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