Overheard in Shakespeare-Ville

“Last night I had a dream that my [you-know-what] suddenly grew to like 20 inches long.”

“Did it really?”

“You wouldn’t touch me, of course, but you were making a fortune by pimping me out.”

“Sounds about right to me.”

Have I mentioned lately that I’m really enjoying the move to WordPress?  (It’s not a 20-inch you know what, of course, but it’s proving to be rather fun.) There are just so many fun things that can be tweaked and manipulated… Yesterday, I sat down to update the blogroll a bit. My initial plan was to do a brief write-up of each site similar to this but then I had the brilliant idea that perhaps screenshots would be easier (and pretty to boot). Of course, this means that I had to spend an awful lot of time going to each site to get a current picture and then adding the picture to the links and so on and so on and so on…

And I’ve decided that brilliant ideas are never as easy as they should be.

Which kind of screws up that whole “brilliant” aspect much as a 20-inch you know what will do to a girl’s innards, I suspect. (See how I nicely tied that all together? It’s an art, I tell ‘ya.)

If I missed you (because I’m flighty like that), please let me know.

August 1, 2008
Categories: Daily

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