Shoes, Glorious Shoes (Weekly Winners)

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I’m posting a bit early just in case I get busy in the morning!

Remember how I told you that Peter is a cold-blooded killer hunter? These are what he uses to lure in those poor unsuspecting ducks. Evil, evil man.

<Duck Calls

And, yeah, you all have all of those great pictures filled with snow and frolicking and fun and stuff… But I can still take pictures of weeds. So neener neener.

B&W Flower



Urban Kisses

Silver Bells… lalalalala… Silver Bells.

Silver Bells

My sister bought me these FABULOUS shoes for Christmas… She actually dropped them off for me to wrap, but I decided to take pictures of them instead. Aren’t they FABULOUS? ‘Cause I think they’re so FABULOUS. I’m going to wear them a few more hours before I wrap them up (but don’t tell her).

New Shoes

Black and White Shoes

And that’s it, folks! I’m sure we’ll all be pretty busy over the next few days so I thought I’d take the moment to wish you all a "Happy Holidays" now!

Keep safe and KEEP CALM. :)

December 22, 2007
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