I like shiny things. Especially shoes… and jewelry… and books… and music… and gift cards… and… Yeah, you totally get the point, don’t you? Occasionally, I like things so much that I feel an absolute need to share them with you. Thus, “Reviewful” was born. Below, you’ll find product reviews, recommendations, and the occasional “I should have bought coffee instead” posts. (Point of Interest: I don’t generally receive monetary compensation for the posts below… Should someone actually want to pay me for a particular bit, however, I’ll be sure to note it.)

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Not what you need?

If you’re going to start something. . .

You might as well finish it.

I’ve got to be honest…

I’m totally lovin’ Jodi’s new Finish It! actions.…

Looking for a Blog Sponsor?

Are you looking for a fun sponsor for your blog? Well, I’ve found one perfect for you!

I’ve been sponsored by UPrinting for the last few months and just got to say that they’re pretty darn awesome. They’re constantly running contests for both you and your readers, lots of free …

Give a Kid a Computer…

This is Little Man.

He’s ten.

He’s also on my laptop.

And he’s NOT playing games or Googling how to make slime.

Imagine that.

This is the Vans Custom Shoe Designer.

Where Little Man is actually designing his own pair of of custom Vans, from the color of the …

Let’s Talk About [Motorcycle Helmets], Baby…

Because, quite frankly, we don’t talk often enough about motorcycle helmets around these here parts.

I mean, seriously, don’t you ever stop and think, “Hmmmm… why don’t I talk more about motorcycle helmets?”

No? Really?

Then you’re totally missing out…

5 Reasons Why Judith Thinks That Motorcycle Helmets are The

Must Have for Mothers, New and Old: Wonder Bumpers

hs_1Since I’ve become a mother, one of the things that I’ve learned is that they always come out with the coolest baby stuff as soon as I can’t use it anymore.

Take Wonder Bumpers from GoMamaGo Designs for example.

Wonder Bumpers are crib bumpers unlike any that you’ve ever seen …

Kids and Cell Phones… God Help Us All.

I bought my son’s first cell phone on his eighth birthday…

Something that I got a lot (and I mean A LOT) of flack for from my own mother.

“He’s too young…”

“Why does an eight-year-old need a cell phone anyhow…”

“Just another distraction…”

And those were just the starters… …

No Nasty Chemicals: A Review & Giveaway


I was recently contacted by Ecostore USA with an opportunity to try out some of their eco-friendly, plant-based household products and thought, “Woohoo! Another way to make the “Al Gore-loving, weird-lightbulb-toting, almost-crunchy-like” husband happy!”

As I primarily clean the majority of my house with the help my two best buddies, …

Is that a placenta in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Okay, I’m gonna come right out and say it:

I have the shittiest luck in the world.

No, seriously, if something really random and crappy and totally against the odds is happening out there in the world, chances are it’s happening to me. Yes… me. Because I have the shittiest …

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