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5 Things that Utterly Scrambled My Goat this Morning. . .

1. Bug Dude

There’s a huge green grasshopper stalking me.

And I’m a little flattered that someone cares enough to do so.

2. Unfriendly Chick

I mean, seriously, I get that it’s retail– coffee-flavored retail, grant you- but retail nevertheless… And working retail sucks all sorts of hairy monkey …

Let’s Talk About [Motorcycle Helmets], Baby…

Because, quite frankly, we don’t talk often enough about motorcycle helmets around these here parts.

I mean, seriously, don’t you ever stop and think, “Hmmmm… why don’t I talk more about motorcycle helmets?”

No? Really?

Then you’re totally missing out…

5 Reasons Why Judith Thinks That Motorcycle Helmets are The

I’ll have a Lady Bic with a moisturizing strip and a side of clergy, please.

Hey there! Long time, no blog, eh?

Things have been unbelievably insane around these here parts as of late, and I’ve barely had time to brush my hair,  much less figure out something clever about which to blog.

Unless one counts that draft about ingrown hairs in the most uncomfortable …

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