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When Wordless is Overrated: Thank ye, ye aulde Spam Gods.

“It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: When in somebody else’s house you only realize that they have ran out of toilet paper after you have used the toilet.”

Check your spam folders, people.

There may be more in there than just porn.…

when wordless is overrated

I am utterly fascinated by validation phrases.

They’re like little messages from god…

on a stick.

Not as appetizing as alligator on a stick, mind you…

But the potential to be fulfilling is definitely there.…

The making of a great compilation… is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem.

search We interrupt this irregularly scheduled programming with a special message from Google:

“…ladies and gentlemen of the web, due to the large volume of sheer awesomeness put forth via this blog (as determined by search engine results, advanced algorithms in inane topicity, and the swimsuit round) we are very pleased

Mad Hatters Unite! (A Wordless Wednesday) (Sorta)

2009-04-25 PANOPLY 045

Huntsville has a really great arts festival every year called “Panoply”, and this year’s was held the last week of April. Since the weather turned out nice and hot, we got a chance to attend. There were loads of free activities for the kids as well as the $7 ice

When Captions Go Horribly Wrong… (A Wordless Wednesday)

Notes On Self, Vol. I

(Not to be confused with Notes to Self, Vol.1, of course.)

This was some of that spreadable VD from the social networkosphere that I picked up on Facebook today… But I’m feeling decidedly unoriginal. So I’m totally cheating and re-using it as a blog post.

Think of it like …

The Tao of Tee: A Wordless Wednesday

…Are You Just Going to Sit There and LET THEM EAT ME????????

A Little Help Would be Nice...

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(An Aside: My 365 will be back at the beginning of the year. Just in case you were a’missin’ ’em.)…

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