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The Great Pretender


poser (plural posers)

1. A particularly difficult question or puzzle.
2. Someone who, or something which, poses.
3. Someone who likes to talk big, and look good, but doesn’t do much.
4. (pejorative) = poseur

Related terms

* faker
* impostor

And, yes, this still counts as a Wordless

Make a Statement. Wear a Shirt.

Those are some mighty…ummmm… cute shoes there.

The Very Best Thing About New Clothes…

Silly Daddy, Tricks Are for Kids

*I’ve been a little ill  (yes, I say “ill”. My sister calls this pretentious and snotty.  I call it classy.) the last couple of days, so I haven’t been posting as oft as I should. But I’ll be back soon… kisses and hugs and diet cokes and all that jazz. …

3 Reasons Why My Mommy Blog Can Kick Your Mommy Blog’s Ass…

*Speechless* Wednesday: Only an evil person would see boots, right?

Boots, Nice Ones

The ‘Oh Shit, I Dropped the Baby’ Face

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