Tastes Are Smells Too!: Win The Sensa Weight Loss System *CLOSED*

The Sensa System

The Sensa System

Let me get this straight… I can eat the same foods that I’ve been eating and still lose weight? Even the double-layer chocolate cake and the crawfish etoufee and the pasta? Because, dude, I’m so not good at passing up the pasta.

According to Sensa, I can. (Eat the same foods and still lose weight, that is. Not pass up the pasta. Because, dude, I’m so not good at passing up the pasta.)

The Sensa Weight Loss System is totally revolutionary in that it uses your sense of smell in order to help you lose weight rather than depending on the standard methods such as stimulants, pre-packaged foods, or counting calories.  Sensa uses these nifty little things called “Sensa Tastants”, which you sprinkle on your food much the same way you would salt or sugar, to enhance your perception of taste and smell.

“Hmmmm,” you say, “Now wouldn’t enhancing the smell of, say,  double-layer chocolate cake only make me want more chocolate cake?”

Yeah, that’s what I thought at first too…

But I was wrong.

What actually happens is the enhanced food aromas cause your body (your pituitary gland, in fact) to release hormones that suppress hunger and appetite.

Which, over time, helps you eat less.

And eating less makes you lose weight.

How awesome is that?

The Sensa Tastants come packaged in conveniently purse-sized shakers, are incredibly easy to use, and are virtually tasteless– which means that the chocolate cake still tastes like chocolate cake. And the snozberries still taste like snozberries.

I’ve only been using the Sensa system for just over a week and have managed to lose two pounds… According to Sensa, however, most women see significant loss after the first few months. So I’ll definitely be checking back in here to track my success on the program.

Interested in trying out Sensa? Be sure to visit www.trysensa.com.  Insterested in trying Sensa for cheaper? Be sure to use promo code ROCKETXL during checkout to receive 15% off of your order (no minimum)!

Interested in Sensa even CHEAPER???

The great people over at Sensa have offered to give one of you awesome readers a chance to get your skinny on as well and try out Sensa for yourself!

To win a free one month supply of the Sensa Weight Loss System, all you have to do is leave a comment below, and I’ll randomly choose a winner on or around December 12th. *Closed* Winner announced here.

December 1, 2008
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