Teeth Over Tit…Who’d Have Thunk It?

Today is day six in the Alabama (Alabamian?) journey…

Can you hear the banjo?


Then you’re obviously not in Alabama.

If you were, we could have drinks.

If you are, we should have drinks.

Speaking of drinks, I’ve been carded TWICE since I’ve been here: once at a rather snooty grocery store (it actually has a fresh sushi bar. I am so digging snooty.) while purchasing a six-pack of Killian’s and again at the ticket counter for Sex in the City.

And then the young guy at the Starbuck’s gave me my coffee in exchange for a smile.

Either I’ve suddenly become a snooty, fresh-faced, hot chick that looks ten years younger than her actual age, or that whole Deliverance thing was completely off the mark and the folk here are actually very friendly…

Although a lot of them do drive like they’re from Texas.

But for the free Starbuck’s, I can definitely handle driving about with someone’s front-end permanently attached to my bumper .

Hell for free Starbuck’s, I could probably deal with the dirtier side of that statement as well.

Yes, I’m a total consumer whore.

Who likes her coffee in pretty cups with controversial emblems on the front.

But I’m okay with that.

Now for the updates (Yes, I know that you were expecting them before now, but I’ve got some great excuses. Wanna hear them? Here they go: 1. The wi-fi connection that I am *ahem* borrowing from the friendly neighbor who leaves it open for whatever reason is dreadfully slow. 2. The kiddos and I have been so busy roaming in rockets, safaris, and dinosaur paths that I haven’t had a chance to get to you. 3. And just because, demmit.):

The road trip itself was okay- We made the seven hour trip with minimal bruising and bickering… Although I’m pretty certain that "minimal bickering" means something completely different to someone with three children than to someone with, say, no children… Lucky bastards.

The kids have been enjoying the pool.

I’ve actually been able to take a couple of afternoon naps.

I’ve eaten my weight in snooty grocery store sushi- The Baby helped, of course.

We’re getting free haircuts from my sister, the beautician.

Got to see a rocket up close and personal-like.

Went shopping. For shoes. Without children.

Discovered the advantages of a road system based entirely off of legal u-turns.

Went graveyard hopping.

Live music.

Cute niece.

Remembered why I live almost eight hours away from my mother…

And laughed my ass off when the Cynical Sister was attacked by this:

I Will Eat You.

Drive-thru safaris are soooooo much fun.

I’m planning on making the return trip on Monday or Tuesday at the latest… So I should be back to blogging, designing, and dealing with that astonishing number of emails hanging out in Outlook soon.

Right now, though, I’m going to go practice my winking…

They’ve got muffins too, you know.

June 6, 2008
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