… that’s because the time continuum is so different in HELL.

So… I bought a new camera.

Spent Sunday running to and fro’ with plenty of opportunities to snap a few memories.

Got some really great shots of the boys actually quite suitable for framing.

Went to Walmart.com to get a few smaller prints to see how they’d look on paper.

Uploaded. Chose sizes and delivery option (One Hour, In Store Pick-up). Paid.

Took my time getting everyone dressed and ready to go… After all, we had a whole hour.

Sixty minutes and FOUR FREAKING HOURS later, they finally finished my measly 16 prints…



I’d tell you all about the initial pride that I felt when I first opened that envelope while standing at that cluttered little counter… But I really couldn’t see them through all of that smoke coming out of my ears.

Courtney’s Public Cursing Count (The Holiday Edition): 1

With such an early start, we might even beat that record-breaking season of 1999 (also known as the "If the baby wants a damn Rock-N-Roll Elmo, he’s getting a damn Rock-N-Roll Elmo" year).

November 20, 2007
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