The Post Where Judith Calls the GOP “Bloody Brilliant” (Bring Your Ice Skates)

Maybe it’s just me… Maybe I’m really the only one of us not surrounded by a bevy of political-minded friends, family, and neighbors.

Maybe, I really am on an island (in the middle of Arkansas), and all of you have gotten out and talked to other voters in your area and none of them have ever said things like,

“I just don’t like the look of him.”

“I think’s she’s really a man.”

Oh God, I hope so. I really truly hope so.

Because right now?

I’d really like to believe that every sewing circle in every small town in this country is currently discussing Sarah Palin and asking themselves,

“Yes… but what does she think about universal healthcare?”

Instead of,

“Did you hear that she has five children and that her oldest is joining the Air Force? And I bet you she sews a mean cross-stitch, too!”

Right now?

I’d really like to believe that people aren’t looking at that picture (or any one of the thousands just like it that are plastered everywhere) and thinking,

“Oh my goodness! How many times have I balanced my baby in one arm and my work in the other just like that? ”

Right now?

I’d really like to keep up the pretense that people cast their vote based on policy and not on familiarity.

Because, let’s face it: working mom, five kids (one in the military, one with a disability), small town girl, all tied up prettily with a pregnant teenager to “keep it real”…

I’d say that she’s about as pretty damned familiar as she can be.

So here’s to you, Mr. GOP Brilliant Idea Thinker-Upper, go grab yourself a nice cold Bud.

I believe that you just topped the last election’s decision to focus on same-sex marriage.

And we all know where that got us.

September 1, 2008
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