There Are Children Throwing Snowballs Instead of Throwing Heads…

Or is it the other way around?

So we’re finally back from Louisiana… It was an incredibly rainy, yucky, sardine-like adventure from which I’ve yet to recover, but here’s a brief re-cap for your reading pleasure!

On the Road:

We took Peter’s truck, a Something or another Something or another Extended Cab, since it seats six as compared to my car’s five. And as there were six of us including my 26-year-old sister on the trip, it seemed the best choice… Although a mere Something or another Something or Another, no matter how extended the cab may be, really shouldn’t be considered an option of ANY sort for two adults, two car seats, an eight-year-old, and a nine hour drive.

I am so getting a new car- perhaps a bus?- after Christmas.

Thanksgiving Day:

I spent the majority of the day watching my mother and aunt’s slapstick cooking routine in the kitchen. It was a train wreck  that included  two near casualties (the supervising grandparents), 52 elbow jabs, 123 rolled eyes, 28 mutters of the word bitch, 4 loads of dishes, and 1 bottle of magic sage.

Dinner was excellent.

The Day After:

I was physically forced to venture out on Black Friday by my mother-in-law (from hell)… The mother-in-law (from hell) who shall from this moment forth be known by her true name: SATAN. Because only SATAN would be kind enough to gracefully give you a hundred dollars to "buy whatever you want" and then take whatever steps necessary to ensure that you buy exactly what she thinks you should have…

And as she seriously wanted me to have two freaking wall sconces that I’d never buy for myself but now must hang someplace in my house in order to prevent the Apocalypse, she  most definitely deserves the title.

Peter was lucky enough to be an LSU fan in Louisiana for their game against Arkansas… The game that they lost, of course. Peter is now lucky enough to be an LSU fan in Arkansas. Not quite payback for his SATAN mother, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The Drive Home:

It rained… And the truck somehow got smaller.


I ran away and went to see August Rush all by my lonesome, leaving Peter here with his still-revved up (and now snotty) children. Not quite payback for his SATAN mother, but it’s yet another step in the right direction, eh? :)

So now we’re back and settled (somewhat), and I find myself with 300 emails, newly printed Christmas cards, Mommy Matter brouhaha, and a blogreader-full to get to… which I’m going to, just as soon as I find a place to hang these fucking $100 sconces.

Hope your holiday was lovely and that you missed me terribly!

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November 26, 2007
Categories: I Heart Demerol

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