There Truly Are Scarier Things Out There Than Tom Cruise

Earlier today, I received an email from one of my favorite muthas out here in this crazy cyber world. She (who happens to be Oprah’s biggest fan) asked me whether or not I (who just so happen to be Rocky’s biggest fan) had seen yesterday’s show.

I, of course, said no.

For some strange reason, the only time I ever happen to catch Oprah is when she’s showcasing some weird celebrity who enjoys jumping on and off guest couches while rambling incoherently;* but it seems that my decision to flip on by the Queen of Talk in favor of the afternoon double feature of Murder She Wrote on A&E is causing me to miss the many great and thought-provoking segments that call for social change and reformation (issues very close to my heart as you all know).

Rocky (The HeadMutha) then told me all about yesterday’s show, Kidnapped as a Child:Why I Didn’t Return, and Oprah’s quest to see that the government speeds along funding for the the recently passed Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

I just called it “Oprah’s quest”, but what I really meant to say was: OUR QUEST.

Yes, OUR QUEST. Our quest as parents to see that our children are protected from the most vicious of all predators. Our quest to ensure that those who would do harm to our innocents are stopped in their tracks. Our quest to make this world a safe and loving place for each and every one of us.

Our Quest to speak out for those too young to do so for themselves.

Our Quest to have those silenced voices heard.

Rocky and I (and, of course, Oprah) ask that you join us on this important mission- this quest- to protect our children.

Please, take a moment and send a letter to Congress encouraging demanding that the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act be fully funded and in place TODAY.

All it takes is the click of a mouse: BE HEARD.

The provided letter is a template and can be easily modified to your liking to address those specifics that you find important. Looking back over the transcripts and blurbs provided on Oprah’s website, I found myself in a very odd position… The position of agreement with Bill O’Reilly, who is encouraging demanding and advocating that the punishment fit the crime. I, myself, feel that a lot of our current resources and focus are too concentrated on those truly misdemeanor crimes (consenting teenage offenders, sodomy laws between consenting adults often used to persecute same sex couples, et cetera), and those crimes that are truly heinous are often horrifyingly hidden in the mix. Through both the template letter and my own additions to it, I made sure to convey my concerns and my firm belief that the punishment fit the crime. Be sure to do the same.

We will also be spreading this message via our personal blogs and ask that all of you “blogging mommas” do the same. Post something on your favorite forums, on your MySpace, wherever! Just post something! Feel free to visit my (The Only Thing) or Rocky’s (Mutherhood Ain’t for Sissies) blog for an example or to simply comment and give an even bigger voice to the cause.


All it takes is the click of a mouse: BE HEARD.

* The above “crazy celebrity” reference was in no way meant to offend or poke fun at any one person in particular. In other words, please don’t kill me, Mr. Tom Cruise.

February 23, 2007
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