They Hide Their Horns Well…

We returned from our week-long jaunt in Louisiana to a rather foul odor that had mysteriously made itself welcome throughout our humble abode. We never did find the source (nor decide upon which beast to blame: the house-sitting sister or the love-deprived Mrs. Darcy) and spent all day doing a bit of impromptu spring cleaning.

Thank you all so much for the many messages received concerning my grandmother. She is doing plum fabulous and required nothing other than a bit of gossip, a little Survivor, and a hug or two. I’m sure that we’ll be making several return trips back home over the next few months… Plus, I actually have one of those dreaded high school reunion thingies coming up in September.

I am far too old for my own liking.

On the other hand, these little beauties are the epitome of youth and happiness.

On the Boardwalk

I was thoroughly impressed that we were able to wrangle them together long enough to get a decent shot. Talk about your Kodak moments, eh?

Well, I’ve got lots of fun stuff to discuss (including tales of the Dragon Lady that’ll bring back those awful night terrors from days of yore), so be sure to check back in soon!

March 11, 2007
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