This way, you can at least pretend to be cool…

Have I mentioned how much I love eMusic? All of the independent music you could possibly want for one low monthly fee…

Wait. What was that? Oh? You’re a "pop" music fan? Sigh.

May I suggest a taste of some of my old (and new) favorites:

Gillian Welch (Time (The Revelator) 2001)

Stunning album. Be sure to fall in love with I Dream a Highway and Elvis Presley Blues; I did.

Trespassers William (Having)

Ane Brun (A Temporary Drive)

Devil Doll (Queen of Pain)

Over The Rhine (Live from Nowhere)

And, of course,

The Be Good Tanyas  and Jolie Holland

I could go on and on; but it’s three in the morning, and I’m seriously contemplating sleep.

Enjoy the music, loves. And if you need more suggestions, you know where to find me…

February 5, 2007
Categories: Daily

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