Well, At Least It’s Not a Backroad in Texas…

Because we’ve all seen that movie, right?

Howdy ho, my dah’ling bloggity friends! It’s been a seriously hectic couple of weeks around the Shakespearean abode topped off with Little Man’s NINTH birthday on Friday.

Yes, I am old.

And, no, I’m no less hot because of it. :)

But we had a "Make Your Own Pizza" party followed up by a seven o’clock showing of The Spiderwick Chronicles accompanied by a two-hour-long "spend all of the birthday money" shopping spree. And today? Well… Today is the day for little old Judith to get back to work and do a shitload of laundry while simultaneously catching up on all of the design work she deftly avoided this past week while spouting the "I’ve got to get ready for the birthday" excuse.

Of course, none of that can be done without dropping off me Weekly Winners first…

Model Dog (Edited)

You Might Live By Rednecks If...

Can I Help You?

I Believe I Can Fly...

The Hubby

The Baby


Oh! And don’t forget to check out other Weekly Winners over at Lotus’ place!

See you tomorrow! (Seriously- I’m writing "Be Sure to Blog Tomorrow" on my forehead in Sharpie right now.)

February 24, 2008
Categories: Daily, Weekly Winners

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