Why Yes… Yes, I Am

So, I’ve been doing the blogging thing for a while now… And the regularly blogging thing for what? Three

whole days? Well, you know what they say about that journey of a thousand miles, don’t ‘ya?

You really shouldn’t make it in those obscenely expensive heels that you just had to have- no matter how cute they are.

Anyhow, in an effort to encourage that aforementioned "regular" blogging, I’ve found myself creating new accounts at various "niche" social networking sites that cater to bloggers such as MyBlogLog and the ultra-fun Mom Blog Network  (after all, I am a mom, and this is a blog). I even joined up over at Maya’s Mom at the suggestion of my favorite Texas gal, Rachel, and her claim that there was a helpful group of Blogging Parents to be found amongst the ranks there. Unfortunately, said "helpful group" included not only some of my favorite bloggers but the infamous Stalker #3 (you know, the one with all that "moxie"), who managed to find me within FIVE minutes of my introduction post.

Gotta give it to her though, that woman knows her craft. Not nearly as fun as Stalker #1, of course, but loads more creative than #2.

The point is… Wait. What was my point? Oh yeah!

I may not be human.

Registering at all of the sites requires that you fill out one of those "Are You a Human? Type the letters in the box belows" boxes thoughtfully provided by CAPTCHA, and I fail on the first try EVERY time.  And usually on the second and third tries as well.

It’s all rather depressing, really.

Have a Happy Monday,

November 19, 2007
Categories: Only Judith

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