Must Have for Mothers, New and Old: Wonder Bumpers

hs_1Since I’ve become a mother, one of the things that I’ve learned is that they always come out with the coolest baby stuff as soon as I can’t use it anymore.

Take Wonder Bumpers from GoMamaGo Designs for example.

Wonder Bumpers are crib bumpers unlike any that you’ve ever seen before. Rather than one giant piece of awkward bedding that wrap around the inside of the crib, Wonder Bumpers are designed to fit around each bed slat individually, thereby offering protection from the whole slat rather than just the bottom portion. Other benefits include:

  • A reduced risk of Sids
  • Increased airflow (no more baby nose tucked into the corner)
  • Inhibits escapes
  • Never need to remove

When I first saw these, I was instantly filled with flashbacks of the trials and tribulations (pain & torture) that I had to endure with the bumpers of days of yore. The constant reattaching, the broken ties, awkward changing of sheets… And have you ever tried to clean one of those suckers? Impossible, I tell you.

Looking through all of the great patterns and colors available on the GoMamaGo Designs site, all I kept thinking was, “Why did no one think of these sooner?”  No ties, no taking apart the entire bed fifty times a day just to change a sheet, and no more footholds from which daredevil children launch themselves to freedom… Pure genius.

Thankfully, my sister was gracious enough to be knocked-up and about to pop, so I had an opportunity to give these awesome crib bumpers a try. (Awesome as they are, I just couldn’t see my husband agreeing on a fourth “bundle of joy” in order to purchase some.)pink_blue_damask

Wonder Bumpers are ordered according to the number of slats/rails on your crib. My sister’s crib being round, we needed a few more than the standard crib. Since Wonder Bumpers come in mix-and-match patterns and two set sizes (24 or 38), getting two sets was actually more fun than a hassle. All of the patterns are extremely cute, and by mixing the patterns, creating a unique layette look is simple as pie. Especially since they’re reversible as well.

When the bumpers arrived, the first thing that I noticed was the quality. They are very plush, well-made, and so very soft. Unlike most “baby” things that come with zippers so tiny that they’re almost impossible to attach, Wonder Bumpers’ two-way zippers are just the right size for ease of use and removal as well as being nicely hidden once the bumpers are attached to the crib. I was also very pleasantly suprised to find that individual bumpers can be zipped together in order to accomodate larger slats.

I had no problems whatsoever getting them on the crib and found myself extremely grateful that, due to the fact that they do not cover the entire bottom protion of the bed, I was able to simply peek in the room to check on the sleeping babe rather than having to walk all the way to the bed and risk the chance of waking him. Since putting him to sleep took forever.

And they looked so wonderful that I can definitely see using these throughout the life of a convertible crib… Maybe even purchased for a child of any age’s railed bed just for the great decoration alone.

Wonder Bumpers are available at the GoMamaGo Designs website and start at $99. Coordinating accessories and collections are also available .

April 9, 2009
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